Thank you for joining me here–ceci est un autre monde–and I’m just trying to make sense of it in creation and collaboration.

A Collection of Becoming

My name is Mairéad. My body of work stretches far but I don’t believe that it stretches thin. In creating this site and filling it with blogs, poetry, long form content or whatever else they may be called, I plan to collect my work in such a way that makes sense and is all encompassing. Please take a look around if you enjoy stream of consciousness, literary theory, poetry, creation, travel blogs, crafts, recipes, and whatever else I may encounter in my journey.

Latest from the Blog

If I Could Just Speak Candidly

If I could just–well of course I could. This is my platform and I’ve created this space for that reason. Yet I’ve repeatedly put myself down with limitations and rules. I do this frequently with my notebooks that I use for writing–any writing–from recipes, to poems, to to-do lists, to little one-off notes, day dream…

Abjection or Exploration: Kristeva’s Moving Shadows Under A Light

Une langue se boit et se parle, et un jour elle vous possède Kamel Daoud, Meursault contre-enquête               In a critique of Julia Kristeva’s work in a novel titled About Chinese Women, Gayatri Spivak declared that Kristeva’s own Bulgarian pre-history was “not even a shadow under the harsh light of the Parisian voice” (Spivak 164,…

Travel Intrusions and Assertions of Language Limitation

Examining Centuries of Procedure in Travel Narratives “…the very words that signify lying treachery, dissimulation, avarice, envy, belitting, pardon—unheard of.”Montaigne, Des Cannibales           “And you there support the Bay City Rollers, not the IRA, isn’t that right?” asserted a soldier to my mother in the early 1970’s as she sat still in her bed. At just…

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