If I Could Just Speak Candidly

If I could just–well of course I could.

This is my platform and I’ve created this space for that reason. Yet I’ve repeatedly put myself down with limitations and rules. I do this frequently with my notebooks that I use for writing–any writing–from recipes, to poems, to to-do lists, to little one-off notes, day dream thoughts and what not. Why do I regulate it? Why can’t I just let my thoughts come as stream of consciousness as they do so often and so naturally and not worry about it sitting in the regulation of my notepad or nonetheless in the regulation of a blog/work styled site.

I’m wordy, but I’ve got a lot to say. I’m hesitant, because I want to be certain of my intent. Yet, I’m determined because I want to create and be successful.

This here just to say I’m working on some stuff. My own stuff. It will come from me and for me, but in a way that is still actively growing and seeking collaboration.

See you soon, boundless writing space.

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