Writing that blends the lines of creativity more and more


Connected to my senses, no matter which way they pull you in a trance of synethesia I recognize all that I’m doing as performative. In my own spirals of becoming I’m reminded to continually turn to the power of the ocean and ask how I am my own Beau Capitaine. It is only the sun …

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Three Unearthed

August Evening I disclosed a l l of it to you As if it wasn’t eight years ago The tears The blame The secrets I was forced to keep The uneaten food wrapped up in her spit napkins Eight years ago I believed I deserved the guilt You were calm. You were careful. Studying my …

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Don’t tell me what its like not to be a dreamer My eyes are wide open, switching through the lenses. Don’t tell me what its like not to be a dreamer switching through the lenses, to see which I prefer Don’t tell me what its like not to always wonder I’m only waiting for things …

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Legacy without hurt

You said you felt like me–coming back from a walk with fallen leaves I would’ve picked out, fallen from a tree I wonder what will be my impact that lasts the joy, growth, and pain intertwined from our pasts

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