Finding myself here, 13 days in — a journal entry from when I first moved to Beauvais

I wrote a post on my private account while packing a few weeks ago on the negatives aspects of romanticizing simple things. I asked myself, what’s wrong with finding ridiculous beauty in the mundane things? And I agree with myself still — that there’s not much bad about it! Working with young French kids and helping them enhance their English skills, walking to a French train station every morning, and wearing a nice outfit everyday to do so is something that I’m going to make a beautiful deal out of. I don’t have an issue with loving the normal. That is if you capable doing just that. I find myself thirteen days into my move to a northern region in France without having written a single well-developed post. Or really having kept much documentation about my thoughts, progress, or excitement at all. I worry about my initial inaction having a result on my later progress. But that’s what I am here for tonight.

I love the view from my window, I love this small city, I love my colleagues, I think I will love the age-group I will be working with, and I love my proximity to Paris and the support system I have there. I do not love where I’m living within the city, and can’t see much beauty in it. A 7 AM commute during two days of the week last week left me gazing upwards at lights just turning on. Families, couples, and single-people all waking up in their apartments or their houses, to get ready for their day without thinking too much about it. Envy but encouragement stirred in me. I came here to live and work. To live and work. I have yet to find where I will be best to live. It’s not in this foyer. I feel guilt for that, but it’s not what I need anymore. I’ll find my simple one room flat, and romanticize each aspect of it. I will find where I’m supposed to be, the environment that allows me to do so, because there’s so much beauty in the mundane and so much more in the fact that what I’m doing is perhaps not all that mundane at all.

Street view in Beauvais, FR

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